Southend Wheelers Mudflaps


Southend Wheelers Custom Mudflaps – available in all sizes with up to 3 weeks lead time.

Single front or back: £7.50
Pair: £13.00
XL Back 50p extra


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Pack's Contents

• A front, a back or a pair of flaps in the sizes selected above

• 2 x stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers for each flap

• Adhesive pad for bolt-free fitting for each flap (if specified)

• Installation instructions - also available here

Size Information

The flaps come in six different sizes, three front and three back (click picture to enlarge):

Although they are called front and back, they don't have to be used in those positions. The cone shaped, shorter "front" flaps are designed to catch water over a wider horizontal area and help protect your feet and are wider than the back flaps at the top so that when attached they take on the curve of the mudguard and are more rigid. The "back" flaps are narrow at the top so they are deliberately less rigid when attached and won't break or distort your mudguard if it gets bent backwards.

Your Choice of flap width should be based on the width of your mudguards. Note that the bottom of the wide and standard is the same, it's the width at the top that is different to suit different width mudguards:

Mudguard Width Front Flap Back Flap
less than 35mm Narrow Standard or Extra Long
35-45mm Standard Standard or Extra Long
45-55mm Wide Wide or Extra Long

Back flaps are designed to work with mudguards that come half way down your back wheel i.e. finish at the same level as the hub. For shorter mudguards such as SKS Race Blades, there is the Extra Long back flap, which is 5cm longer than the standard length.

To decide on your back flap length you should measure the distance from the end of your flap to the floor (as in the bike diagram below) and refer to this table:

End of flap to floor Back Flap to Buy Effective Flap Length
less than 380mm Standard or Wide 198mm or 218mm
380mm or more Extra Long 248mm
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