After getting a few requests from club mates for a mudflap like his (and being only too happy to oblige as it meant he was less likely to get covered in mud on group rides), Richard Whitehorn decided to put the plastic flaps he'd been using for 15 years into production. RAW Mudflaps first appeared on eBay in October 2015 as a plain plastic back flap.

The flaps are made from a flexible plastic that is durable and rigid enough to keep the spray off riders behind, even at high speed. In British cycling club folklore, people tend to make these themselves and it normally involves a lot of failed experiments. The RAW mudflap is no different, it is the result of the same experimentation process over many years to reach its current form.

After promising early sales the RAW brand was established and the logo and reflective strips added for added visibility at night.

Coloured flaps, including fluorescent and reflective versions, came along soon after, as well as the matching front flap.

The flaps are produced in London and manufactured from products sourced almost exclusively from UK suppliers.

In Autumn 2016, this website was launched allowing the choice of a range of sizes, designs and colour combinations, which have been updated again for this winter.

The sleek design comes in an unrivalled range of colours while the custom printed design for your club or group offers the possibility to print in any number of colours with a minimum order of just 10 flaps and even make them reflective.

Another recent addition to the product range is the RAW Saddle Flap. This a clip in saddle mudguard to keep the worse of the back wheel spray off your back when your bike doesn't have mudguards. It comes in a range of colours and designs. Read more here

To read more information about the design of the RAW Mudflap visit the About Mudflaps page.

To find out which RAW mudflap is right for you visit the the Sizes page to see which size is best suited to your mudguards and the designs page to see the colour combinations on offer.

To view the complete collection visit the Shop page

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