Special Edition CP Crits Saddle Flap

At RAW Mudflap we believe that in winter (especially on dirty British roads) full mudguards and mudflaps are the only way to go but when summer comes most people like to get out on a lighter, faster bike. The RAW Saddle Flap is an exciting new addition to our product range for spring 2017.

It's a clip in saddle mudguard, which allows you to keep some of the surface water off your behind and lower back if you get caught in the rain. While not offering the same kind of protection to you and your bike that full length mudguards give, a clip in saddle mudguard can make a substantial difference to your comfort on a long ride by cutting out the surface water and mud that would normally end up in your shorts.

Being a RAW product it comes in our unrivalled range of colours including reflective and fluorescent, which you can match up to your bike or kit. These are available to buy in the shop now!

It's also available in custom club designs (see the custom page) and one off, unique designs are also possible. Contact us to find out more.

The limited edition Crystal Palace Crits Saddle Flap (pictured) was available to win every week at the Crytal Palace Crits in 2017