Mudflaps can make a huge difference to your winter group cycle rides. Most mudguards finish half way down the back wheel, which means you stay dry but spray still hits the rider behind. Adding a mudflap catches that spray and everyone gets home (relatively) clean. All that expensive winter kit doesn't need washing each time, therefore extending its life. More importantly, you don't have a face covered in road dirt, which can only be a good thing. Once everyone in your group has a mudflap, you'll hate anyone who turns up without one.

As you're protecting those behind, you may as well protect yourself and your bike too. The front flap can greatly reduce the amount of mud and spray hitting your feet and the bottom bracket. When fitted as pair, the mudflaps provide a stylish finishing touch to your bike.

Your browser does not support SVG This diagram demonstates how the arc of spray can be reduced

RAW Mudflaps are made from a flexible but durable plastic.

The rear flaps are long and narrow and made from a thicker plastic to avoid them bending up at high speed.

The front flap is wider than the back where it attaches to take on the cross sectional form of the mudguard to give it a curve and rigidity.

Some mudguards come with flaps already fitted but they are often too short to be effective, particularly at the rear. Our flaps come with different attachment holes, which are designed to line up with existing holes in mudguards from the leading brands such as SKS and PDW. The back flap is designed to be as minimal but as effective as possible so works well on a faster winter training bike.

The best size will depend on the width and length of mudguards you have. The Sizes page has more information on the measurements

Back flap close-up

Standard Front

Front flap

Standard Back

Extra wide front flap close-up

Extra Wide Front

The sleek design comes in an unrivalled range of colours. The mudflap is one of the most visible parts of the bike when view from behind so is the ideal place to add flourescent or reflective colour to help you be seen in dull or dark conditions.

The custom printed design for your club or group offers the possibility to match your mudflaps to your kit. You can print in any number of colours with a minimum order of just 10 flaps.

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