RAW mudflaps come in a variety of colours and designs, of which this page gives an overview, and even in custom designs for clubs or groups. For more details of this visit the Club/Custom page

Standard Mudflaps:

The simplest mudflaps we sell have no colour options but are available in all sizes
The Black Mudflap was the first design we sold and is in a resilient plastic finish with reflective strips.
The Reflective Black Stealth Mudflap is now our best selling product with a dark grey black finish that reflects bright white at night and a discrete RAW logo.
The Reflective Red and Fluorescent Yellow mudflaps are also popular choices. Note that only the outward, rear facing surface is coloured; the inside is black.

Black Mudflap
Reflective Black Stealth Mudflap
Reflective Red Mudflap
Fluorescent Yellow Mudflap

Ultra Reflective (Prismatic) Designs

Our reflective colours and designs are good but the special vinyl used to make these designs is about the most reflective on the market and is reflective from a wide range of angles. They have proved popular since their introduction in August 2019.

Prismatic Red Mudflap
Prismatic Yellow Mudflap
Prismatic Red Bands Mudflap
Prismatic Blue Mudflap
Prismatic Orange Mudflap
Prismatic White Mudflap

Choice of Colours:

There is also a variety of coloured coverings, including reflective and fluorescent, that you can choose to build a flap that best complements your bike and/or kit. This is the full colour palette:

These standard colours can be used to colour the various blocks of colour of the following products.

NEW ADDITION: You can now fine tune the colours to match your bike or kit by setting any RGB colour code for each element. The flaps will then be specially printed to order with a short lead time.

Coloured Mudflap
Coloured Logo Mudflap
Vertical Stripe Mudflap
Bands Mudflap
Coloured Bands Mudflap
Custom Colours Mudflap

Patterned Mudflaps

We offer the following "patterned" designs. This means the black design sits on top of our range of colours from the colour palette. Like the designs above these colours can now be fine tuned with a specific RGB code for the background colour and the pattern colour allowing the creation of some amazing effects.

Coloured Chevrons Mudflap
Mountains Mudflap
RAW Stripe Mudflap
Double Stripe Mudflap
Circles Mudflap
Chequered Mudflap
Mud Splat Mudflap
Triangular Patterned Mudflap

Fully Custom Colour Designs

These designs, some more complex than the designs above, are specially printed and are only available with a short lead time. They are printed as a single sticker in the same way as our Club/Custom Flaps and can be made reflective.

Two Stripe
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap
Personalised Mudflap

Personalised Designs

If the choice of the above colours and designs wasn't enough, we also allow you to design your own unique mudflaps by uploading an image. You may want to try out a design for your club or group or get an amusing present for someone. The only limit is your creativity.

Personalised Mudflap

Miscellaneous Designs

Not fitting in to the above categories are the National Flag Mudflap and the Elmer the Elephant inspired Coloured Patchwork

Coloured Patchwork Mudflap
National Flag Mudflap