Custom Designs

Glade Custom Mudflaps

Our Mudflaps and Saddle Flaps can be both be produced in custom designs to match you club kit, to promote an event or any other reason you can think of!

The flaps are digitally printed in high quality with virtually unlimited CMYK colour as well being waterproof and scratch resistant. Flaps can even be made using fluorescent colours or made reflective.

The minimum order is just 10 flaps (or 5 pairs of mudflaps) selected from our range of sizes to suit different size mudguards.

Turnaroud time is normally only two weeks from agreement of the design.

Prices are £7.50 per mudflap (front or back) and £13 per pair for regular non-reflective print.
For a reflective design (see comparison picture below) it's £8.50 for a single and £15 for a pair.
Extra long back flaps are 50p extra.

For Saddle Flaps it's £8.00 per flap or £9.00 for fluorescent or reflective.

Discounts are available for larger orders.

The prices include the intial design work where we'll endeavour to produce a design that matches you club kit or work from an idea or sketch that you have. You will need to provide vector graphics files(such as Adobe Illustrator) or good quality images of any logos or lettering - your club kit manufacturers file is normally ideal.

The initial order will normally be delivered as a batch, but subsequent individual orders can be made from a dedicated page from this website (example) and posted directly.

For more information please contact us at