Custom Designs

Our Mudflaps and Saddle Flaps can be produced in custom designs to match you club kit, to promote an event or any other reason you can think of!

The flaps are digitally printed in high quality with virtually unlimited CMYK colour as well as being waterproof and scratch resistant. Flaps can even be made using fluorescent colours or made reflective.

The minimum order is just 10 flaps (or 5 pairs of mudflaps) selected from our range of sizes to suit different size mudguards.

If you are looking to produce a one-off (or just a few) personalised flaps with your own image or design click here for Mudflaps and here for Saddle Flaps.

Turnaround time is normally only two weeks from agreement of the design.

Prices start from as low as £6.75 for a single flap or £11.50 for a pair. More detailed pricing can be found below.

All prices include the initial design work where we'll endeavour to produce a design that matches you club kit or work from an idea or sketch that you have and postage of the batch to a single address.

There is also the possibility to personalise each flap with a nickname for example.

After the initial order, subsequent individual orders can be made from a dedicated page from this website (example) and posted directly.

Plenty more information can be found below but for more information please contact us at

The Process

When you contact us to start the process, if not supplied, we will ask you for any ideas you have and any logos, images or text you want to be included in the best quality image files you can provide or, even better, vector graphics / Adobe Illustrator files such as those you might send to your kit supplier. Pantone or CMYK colour codes can also be helpful.

We will assume that by contacting us on behalf of your club that you have the right to act on their behalf and use any of their intellectual property.

We will endeavour to produce some design ideas based on your requests as a basis for you to suggest improvements or identify elements you like. Then, we'll refine the idea as requested.

You will need to decide whether you want the flaps to be made reflective (which costs £1 extra per flap). If you choose this option the whole flap will be reflective to some degree with white and lighter colours being the most reflective and black the least. The only drawback is that reflective print makes the colours slightly duller in normal light but this is negligible.

There is also the possibility to personalise each flap or pair of flaps within the batch with a nickname for example. This will be individually priced depending on the degree of personalisation so please enquire for more information.

Once you have agreed a design proof, you can circulate to your members, or, on request, we can produce a read-only page like this one where members can see the design and size choices in one place.

An order form will be supplied where you can collect orders from your club mates and we'll package the orders for each member together and name them for easy distribution. For the first batch order we normally ask for the order to be collated, paid by and sent to a single club representative. Indeed, in our experience uptake from club members is higher if a club member is persuading and collecting the order (and of course it benefits everyone on the club rides if uptake is high). If it is difficult for one person to collect the order and the payments (and we certainly recognise it's not an easy task), we can enable the club page for collecting orders by a certain order date. However, we'll require the minimum order of 10 flaps to be reached for the print run to take place. These website orders will be at the 10 flap order price (because of the extra transaction costs and admin) and have an additional £1 postage per order.

After the order has been placed and paid for by the club representative or the order window on the website has closed and the minimum order reached, we will begin the production process, The flaps will normally be distributed within 2 weeks.


Prices based on minimum order numbers are shown below. These are prices for standard sized flaps with silver stainless steel fixings; some other sizes and black metal fixings cost a bit extra.

Bulk order of more than 10 flaps / 5 pairs£7.75£13.50£9.00£9.00£16.00
Bulk order of more than 20 flaps / 10 pairs£7.25£12.50£8.50£8.50£15.00
Bulk order of more than 50 flaps / 25 pairs£6.75£11.50£8.00£8.00£14.00
Direct Order Page - Sent Direct to members
(+ postage per order)

Custom Flap Photos